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Close-up hillside.png Redeemer's Praise enjoying the sunset at College of the Ozarks.

Redeemer's Praise began in 2013 when founder, lead/tenor singer, Todd Forman, banded with his wife, Kim (alto), and good friend, Dawn Moritz (lead/soprano). The mixed trio sang as The Redeemed Trio, celebrating Jesus and singing in a contemporary Southern Gospel style. After five years and the Formans moving to southwest Missouri, Dawn retired from the group and Paula Buscho joined, taking over the lead/soprano part.

The group's name changed in 2023 so they could begin streaming their fresh blend of contemporary, southern, traditional, Gospel music. Each of the group members are songwriters who love to share what God has placed on their hearts through music. 

Alto and lead singer, Kim Forman.
Tenor and lead singer, Pastor Todd Forman.

Todd is a seasoned gospel singer with four decades of experience He possesses a rich musical journey marked by two significant roles: a dedicated pastor of 40+ years and a prolific songwriter for the past 25 years. His impactful contribution extends beyond personal pursuits, as one of his compositions, "God Already Knew," has been recorded by a national recording artist, attesting to the profound reach of his musical influence in the gospel genre. Todd is a hospice chaplain and pastor of Timber Ridge Baptist Church, Marshfield, MO. Todd and Kim have four grown children, one beautiful granddaughter, and another grandbaby on the way!



Kim stands as a pivotal figure in the transformative journey of Redeemer's Praise over the past eleven years. As a songwriter, Kim's talent shines through her ability to craft profound and spiritually resonant songs. Her compositions reflect a deep connection to faith and scripture that resonate with the audience. and contribute to the uplifting essence of Redeemer's Praise. Kim is a talented artist and quilter, who designs and writes quilting patterns for several companies and for Kimberly Forman Creative.

Soprano and lead singer, Paula Buscho.

Paula Buscho joined the ensemble with a genuine heart for Jesus, infusing the group with her remarkable vocals and a deep understanding of lyrical interpretation. Her talents extend beyond singing, as she actively contributes to the praise team at Crossway Baptist Church and works as a bridal and formal seamstress. Paula also showcases a talent for songwriting, promising exciting prospects for future contributions to the ensemble's musical journey.

Raised in Luzon, Philippines as a missionary kid, Paula is fluent in Tagalog as well as English and music! She and her husband, Kyle, reside on a farm near Rogersville, MO. They have four boys, one perfect granddaughter, and another grandbaby on the way!



Our favorite roadie and sound man, Kyle Buscho.

Kyle plays a vital role within the ensemble, even though he doesn't take center stage as a singer. Serving as the dedicated driver for concerts and the resident sound tech, Kyle's commitment ensures smooth logistics for the team. His efforts enable the rest of the ensemble to concentrate on worship and delivering the Gospel through song, highlighting the collaborative spirit that makes the group's performances impactful and cohesive. When he's not driving for the group, you can find him raising goats on his farm or working as a building contractor throughout southwest Missouri.

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